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Everyone knows that you need water to survive. Our bodies are 60% water so it makes sense we have to drink it all the time. Personally water is my absolute favorite drink, and then Diet Coke. Sometimes it can be difficult to consume water but when I found out how good water is for you I started drinking gallon of water a day. My mom actually told me to start doing it because she saw how much my brothers skin improved from drinking a gallon of water a day! Then I actually did my research and I will share my results with you guys.

1. It speeds up your metabolism

This is honestly my main motivation to drink so much water because I absolutely love eating and if it digest quicker, that is amazing.

2. It makes you pee ALL THE TIME

Sometimes this can be a tad bit annoying but it's still positive because every time you pee you are flushing your body of all the toxins.

3. It is great for your skin

Your skin will feel more hydrated and definitely be riddled with less acne. However it does not take away wrinkles just help prevent them.

4. It preoccupies you from drinking other beverages.

When you are so consumed with drinking water you won't have the time or the will to drink other beverages.

In conclusion, for me, drinking a gallon of water a day has definitely helped my overall health. I have noticed that my skin has looked brighter, my nails grow faster, I have been feeling a lot healthier, I have more energy, I don't have as many breakouts, and I have stayed away from other drinks that won't benefit my body. I think everyone should as least challenge themselves to just get a gallon jug and start drinking it all day long. I definitely have struggled some days trying to finish a whole gallon but all the benefits motivate me to keep going. So get a jug and get drinking!



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