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Embrace Change

Change is positive, but in order to fix the problem, you need to see the problem as a problem.


What is your Problem Girl?


I Think I am to Fat!

Before you judge yourself concerning your weight answer this question:   What has your family doctor said about your weight? If your Physician says that you are not right size then you need to follow his or her instructions on how to stay healthy.  I know it can be hard to see others that you want to be like and then feel less important because you don’t match their size. But this is a BIG NO! and I mean NO!  What makes you gorgeous is your uniqueness! Don’t hind your uniqueness! I use to hate my wide waistline. Now I admit I did need to shape myself a little. But I got to the point where every time I looked in the mirror I focused on my waist and miss all the wonderful things about my body.  Then my Mom reminded me that God uniquely made me and my wide waist is His signature of touch! Then my mom pointed out “Look a contestant at Miss Universe, Miss USA has a wide waist too and she looks happy to show the world!”  Talk about a confidence booster! Don’t Judge yourself; you are still growing and shaping into the most beautiful you!








I am Ugly!

Before you judge yourself with your own eyes answer this question:  “Who told you were Ugly?” If someone is calling you ugly; Then this is mean and can hurt. But I want you to see yourself thru the Eyes of God, parents, teachers, pastors and those who truly know and love you.  I see my beauty, not in physical appearance I see it thru the eyes of God. He says I am wonderfully made! This is where it all starts! But if that is not enough then try this: Find something about the features you like! Is it your eyes or maybe your hair. Then focus on your eyes on those features. You see nobody is perfect. If you start to focus on your imperfections then you will drown out your perfect features. Talk with your mom or dad about taking you to see a beauty consultant. For free of course. What my experiences have been being that they will help you to improve your looks instantly with use of makeup! However; if you are too young for makeup then send me a picture and I will find all of your beautiful features! (make sure you get your parents’ permission before you send me a picture) But Remember Beauty Starts from Within and radiant to outside!












I don’t have any friends!

So not cool; not to have friends! To have friends you must show yourself as a friend. My mom says; you call everyone your friend. And she is right; I do. Because I love people and being with people. So I make friends easily. However; if you are shy about making friends then talk with your teacher, pastor or group leader at church ask them to introduce you girls like yourself. When you are at school; you don’t need to stick out or to be loud someone can notice you; instead join an after-school club or event and get to know other girls.  Talk with your parents and let them know how you feel and ask them to get involved with you to find that special friend or group of friends. For me, I started with competing in pageants and wow so many girls that were just like me: wanting friendships! Cheer up! Think Positive Thoughts you will find the perfect friend.














Oops! I just made big bad Mistake.

We have all made those kinds of mistakes. My advice is that you immediately seek help from an adult that you can trust: Parents being the first! We are kids and we are still growing. Mistakes are going to happen. It’s what you do with after the mistake that can be harmful or healthy. So please, please reach out to a responsible ADULT: Starting with your parents; get help ASAP!!!












Someone has Touched me in the wrong way.

This is very serious and you should immediately reach out to a Responsible Adult that you Trust to help you.  Do not let the feelings of embarrassment, shame and guilt stop you from letting This Responsible Adult know about this awful thing!





Help I don’t like the changes in my body!

This is perfectly normal. This is a very awkward stage of growing up! Just know you are not alone. Just don’t let yourself get sad about the beautiful you that you are changing into! Remember to eat healthily and exercise daily.  Pick up a new sport to help with all the mood swings and changes you just don’t like. My Mom is a great resource for listening ear when I’m feeling yuck! Use your Mom or another female figure when need to have yuk moment talk.














Other girls are talking bad about me or someone is bullying me!

I hate gossip! My grandmother told me, “if you ain’t got nothing good to say about someone then don’t say anything at all!”  When girls are being mean you have two choices. 1. Talk to that person's face to face with another friend present and ask them if they are talking mean about you. Then try to work out your differences in peace. 2. Forgive the person (s) involved and find new friends and show them that you are a better person.  Bullying is not right! Immediately let a Responsible adult know what you have been experiencing!















Choose good Friends!

Friends that will build you up to be your best!  If your friends are troubled, then most likely they will bring trouble to you. It’s ok to be friendly to them, but do not let them become your close friend.

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