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About Me

My name is Jireh Gerry, I am 23 years old. I am currently a graduate pre-medical student at Biola University majoring in Human Biology with plans to become a pediatric surgeon. I have 2 siblings. Noah is 25, and Katia is 21. I grew up in Jacksonville, FL but had hopes and dreams of becoming an actor. We packed up and moved to California when I was about 8 years old. Being a bi-coastal kid was pretty cool! I was homeschooled and loved life. I struggled with confidence growing up and always moving it was hard for me to keep the right friendships and relationships with people. I am so blessed to have had the mother and father that I did. They nourished and loved me and I know that without them I would not be the person I am today!  

About SGG

MY Personal Story

Have you ever been bullied? Ever been self-conscious? Have you ever felt insecure or not confident? This website is designed to let you know that you are special and one of a kind. You can fight through anything you are going through. Confidence is the best accessory any girl can wear. Fight and be Strong.

If you aren't going through anything that's awesome this website is for you to. You can save a life! You can post positive comments on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Post at least 3 positive comments and you can receive a Stay Gorgeous bracelet. Don't let girls fight alone. If you have confidence to fight through it you have the confidence to help someone fight through it.

When I was younger it occurred to me that I was what people call “shy”. I didn’t feel comfortable meeting new people or stepping out of my comfort zone. I felt unsure about who I was or if I would ever achieve my dreams. Then one day I had a simple life changing breakthrough. While speaking with my mom about not having anything to wear that I felt good in, she said “It’s not about the outfit you wear, it’s about the attitude you wear the outfit with.”  In that moment I realized that self-esteem and confidence are the building blocks to success regardless of what you’re wearing, where you’ve come from, or what you’ve been through. My mother challenged me to break out of my shell and I’m no longer a shy, insecure teen. This is why I created my program, Stay Gorgeous Girls. I have been inspired to help other girls come to the realization that they are beautiful just the way they are so they too can become the person they have always wanted to be!

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