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How To Grow your self-esteem

Step one: Be Confident! There will always be people that say mean things about you. But you can't let it bring you down. You are wonderfully and fearfully made. Most of the time those people who are saying those mean things about you aren't the most confident person they are insecure about themselves so they like to bring other people down. So if that happens turn the other cheek. So if this happens; you have 2 choices. One: forgive them and walk away knowing that they're jealous of something special you have inside of you.  Two: go face to face with that person and ask why are they being or saying mean things. If you feel comfortable, speak to them in private with an adult present. The adult will be there just to mediate/and help guide should the situation get out of hand.
Step two: Be Kind! Kindness is what makes people want to be around you. Think about it you don't want to befriend someone who is mean! You want to be friends with someone who is kind and always positive. When someone sees you being kind they are going to want to be around you which will make them become kind as well, because you are who you hang out with. Kindness is key to staying gorgeous because it attracts people to listen to what you have to say. To tell them how to make a difference in their community, focus on their studies, and impact someone's life. Random acts of kindness are the best! Let it be natural and not made up. Volunteering is my number one way of showing kindness to others. Plus, it helps me help another person or animal in need. 
Step three: Be yourself! I believe I was made in God’s image and I was made perfect. 

I know being in school you might have pressure on you to look your best and act a certain way to fit it in. Let me tell you, being yourself is better than being someone you’re not. You will make more life lasting friends being yourself. Your personality is one of a kind. As long as you are confident you can accomplish anything. If you believe it you can achieve it.


If you apply all of these things you will be gorgeous, on the outside of course, but most importantly on the inside. Which is more important in the long run. Beauty doesn’t last forever when you grow older you can get wrinkles and gray hair. But what’s on the inside will last forever. So make sure that you strive every day count and be yourself, be confident, be kind, and STAY GORGEOUS.

"Confident even without  Makeup."

"Confident with our size."

"Confidence  with your  color."

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