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No one Likes a Shady Beach


"No one likes a shady beach... maybe you've heard this phrase before. Now obviously that phrase is referring to a shady person and not an actual beach but the phrase is true and catchy, but what if someone did like a shady beach? What if someone did like a shady person? Reading this you probably made a face and wanted to get off this WILD blog written by this extremely unreasonable person. You are possibly asking yourself, "How could I actually like a shady person?"

So, let's break it down. Shady in the actual dictionary means: of doubtful honesty or legality. In today's society shady can mean literally any negative adjective. Shady can mean: rude, ignorant, annoying, secretive, slimy, and so many others. As a whole you just don't want to be shady.

Let's be honest though we have all been shady at least once in our life and we sure as heck come across a lot of shady people. Well, let me hit you with another phrase that you have probably heard your grandmother say a couple of times. "Kill 'em with kindness." Yes, this phrase is very cliche but it stands strong. When someone is acting shady wouldn't it be crazy if we were just kind to them in return?

Kindness is something that so many people struggle to obtain and maintain. I know, for me at least, that when I am kind to someone even though they aren't, it makes me feel like I am being an example to that person and helping them grow. Do not give them the satisfaction of your reaction but give them the opposite, kindness. In return you can receive so much more positivity and love. I always feel bad after I lash out on someone after they have done the same to me. That doesn't make me any better. We want to further and be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

Yes, at times, it may be hard to bite your tongue and be kind. But a lot of the times that person acting out and being that way is because they are seeking for something and you might be able to help them by simply being kind. So next time you consider going into the hot sun remember to show love to the shady beaches out there.



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