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Grow Your Self-Esteem  With Humility 


Grow your self-esteem then water it with humility!


Hey! Hey ! Girls make sure you GROW.

G     for  Get yourself involved with your community!

R     for  Ready yourself for Change. Be positive with the new you.

O    for  Overwhelm yourself with compliments for others.

W   for  Win at setting the goals you can reach by believing in yourself


Volunteering is Powerful Medicine

Volunteering is more powerful than you think! When I am helping others it helps me to forget about me and focus on the needs of others. Once I really focus on the other person I start to feel strong about me and what I am doing is important! It’s a great spoonful of Medicine for helping to improve your confidence. Check out the list of Places below that could need someone like you to help others. And if you still can’t find a place to volunteer then log on to

Dog shelter   

Public library

local churches

City Rescue

After school Day care

Start your own tutoring class

Start your own pet walking service





Check me out volunteering!

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